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ISAserver.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi ISAlist,

New articles added to ISAserver.org last month:

Title:  Controlling Internet Access: A short Primer on TMG Access Rules - Part 
5: Server Publishing Rules
Author: Deb Shinder
Summary:        In this article, we continue the “back to basics” series for 
new TMG administrators. We’ve already covered Web Publishing Rules, Networks 
and Network Rules, and Access Rules. 

Title:  Microsoft Forefront TMG - Explaining the Forefront TMG SDK
Author: Marc Grote
Summary:        In this article we see how the Forefront TMG SDK tools extend 
the functionality of Forefront TMG and how the SDK will give you some 
additional information about how Forefront TMG works under the hood.

Title:  UAG Service Pack 1 Release Candidate DirectAccess Overview - Step 1: 
Clients and GPOs
Author: Deb Shinder
Summary:        This is the first in a series of articles about UAG SP1 and 
DirectAccess, in which I’ll go over each of the steps in the UAG DirectAccess 
wizard and point out some of the new features and configuration options.

Title:  Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Firewall Client Features 
and Benefits
Author: Richard Hicks
Summary:        In this article I will provide a high-level explanation of the 
TMG Firewall Client and share with you the benefits associated with deploying 

Title:  UAG DirectAccess the Easy Way
Author: Deb Shinder
Link:   http://www.ISAserver.org/tutorials/UAG-DirectAccess-Easy-Way.html
Summary:        Some of the remote access technologies that are used to allow 
users to access resources on the corporate intranet, then looking closely at 
DirectAccess and how DirectAccess provides a superior solution for managed 

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