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You are such a complete ass Andrew....the server protocol is for
publishing your own FTP servers. You want to allow the FTP protocol.





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None of the workstations use the web proxy, or firewall client software
of ISA 2004. They use Secure NAT, they are going out through ISA like if
you had a dummy Linksys cable DSL router.




ISA is on


GW: for all clients on the DHCP server is, again there is no
web proxy setup and no firewall client ware installed. 


Secondly what I meant in my other comment which you are so egger to
twist around is that I have not tampered with the default firewall
settings of ISA, yes I have added my own rules to the system, but if you
look at the default core settings for ICMP, etc they have all been left


Now are you going to keep acting this way if I say, you know Jim I
installed a new ISA server that only had two rules in it, one for the
FTP server to the outside using the default FTP Server protocol, and the
other which is the default DENY rule that ISA creates? Are you going to
blame on the web proxy or firewall client if neither are installed or
being used?


Lets be realistic here, if you don't know the answer why ISA out of the
box with two rules in it won't connect to FTP servers that don't use
passive mode why make a fuss of it? Why not ask Bill to loan you one his
boxes, install ISA 2004, email me for a couple test accounts and go to
town, then say geez you know there is a bug or maybe Microsoft doesn't
care?  You have the time and certainly the money to investigate it
further, than I do yet you keep hounding people to show you more
evidence before you will get off your dairy air and do something.. ;)






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No - you said:
"I seem to only be able to get access to FTP servers using PASV modem on
my workstations that are setup under secure NAT".
This leaves the failing case hanging somewhere between web proxy and
firewall clients.
You also stated:
"..I have had to reinstall ISA 2004.." and "Nothing on the ISA
configuration level has been modified or changed", which are just a bit

You haven't given anyone anything to work from, like:
- client errors
- ISA logs
- captures

If the problem is important enough to involve an entire list, its
important enough to provide something more than conjecture and

There are a great many FTP servers that disallow active mode; and with
good reason.

   Jim Harrison
   MCP(NT4, W2K), A+, Network+, PCG
   Read the help / books / articles!

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