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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 20:06:13 -0500

Hi Richard, I bailed on Microsoft client tools. That can't seem to get
things working right.
I have used ws_ftp for download / upload needs from behind my ISA server.
Works great, maybe the support guys should look into ws_ftp and see how they
can modify IE .
Or maybe they can just by-out that company too.
Sorry , my Microsoft rank for the day  :-)

Give a lesser ftp program a try, they work better that IE.


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> I have the same issue of not being able to download files through ftp b/c
> of ISA Server. From looking at the website it appears that a number of
> other people do too. I phoned Microsoft Product Support Services as you
> suggested, but the technician I spoke with was not familiar with this
> particular hotfix and wanted to charge me $245 to connect me to someone at
> Microsoft who could give me the hotfix #! Could you send me the
> name/number of the fix please? They won't give me ISA Server SP1 beta
> either without this hotfix number.
> To make sure we are on the same wavelength, here is more detail on my
> company's issue with ISA server: Whenever anyone tries to download a file
> from a site the download now fails if ftp is involved. I can download
> files fine thru FTP from a computer not behind ISA server.
> For example I went today to 3com and tried to download a NIC driver. I
> started at a http site but the download involved an ftp site and so the
> site timed out. I found a workaround from an article on this issue at
> google groups. I  put in the ftp site in the url field directly and then
> on the page that showed the download I right clicked the file and chose
> "copy to folder." With this method the ftp download worked. But if I just
> doubleclick on the file to download while at the http site and do a normal
> download (that required Internet Explorer changing over to the ftp site in
> the background), the download fails.
> Thanks for your help! FYI, the article by Tom Schnider on Internet
> Explorer and FTP is interesting but does not resolve this issue.
> Richard Boyce
> seerjboyce@xxxxxxxxx
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