ISA Server with 2 internal interfaces

  • From: edgarlafleur@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: isalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 22:40:00 -0600

Ok, I'm VERY new to ISA.  I used a quick install guide from this website
to get ISA up and running.  Now for the hard part.  I want to create two
different networks.  First I have my ISA server with 1 external interface
(going to the net) and 2 internal interfaces.  I have my lab computers (at
addresses on one switch and my office computers
( on another. Here is my concern: First of all, with no
exceptions, I do not want any lab user to even have the CHANCE at seeing,
browsing, or even knowing that the office computers exist.  Secondly, if
possible, I would like to be able to remotely manage (remote desktop) my
lab AD server from my managment PC on the office side.  Also, I would like
my Office AD server to send a shutdown command to my lab AD server when
the UPS calls for it.  Third, if possible, can my office AD server send
SNMP alerts to my managment computer on the office side?  Any advice would
be greatly appericated!!

Edgar LaFleur

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