Re: ISA Server on same machine as IIS

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I had the same problem when I set up SBS,currently I am doing what Paul
is saying not to do relying on packet filters.... maybe I can lean
something here. Maybe I went wrong when I didn't use the wizard? I got
my website up and running fine both internal and external using
destination sets or publishing where I ran into trouble is I couldn't
get OWA working on the remote side unless I published it using port 80
this is not recommended in the isa server book or on the

Here is my config
Split DNS disabled socket pooling w3svc service ftp and smtp. 
Website assigned the public ip and the host A records for www pointing
to public on the internal DNS server ip packet filters for created for
the ip. The problem here internal web access loops around the fire wall.
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If you followed the wizards properly, then the setup would have removed
'socket pooling' for IIS so that it only listens on the internal
interface (it would have asked you for the IP address of the internal

This being the case, you would have to 'publish' your web site in ISA
using web publishing (& preferably also use a destination set to limit
what ISA passes to IIS).  It would also be a good thing to look at what
headers your IIS site is looking for (i.e. www.mysite.tld and
mysite.tld), and make sure to pass the original headers to IIS (in web
publishing).  Review the docs and help file, as well as stuff at, and you will see how these all work together.

If you are relying on using packet filters to get to your IIS web site -
don't.  Only use web publishing.

Paul Nuernberger

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From: DH [mailto:david.harkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Sorry that should read SBS (Small business server) not SDS. It's a
standard install and I can't access my website outwith the network. I do
have a public IP for the website and it is configured on DNS, can view
it internally. Thanks.

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