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Assuming that the box will also be facing the Internet, it would be pretty

If anything happened to the Firewall service, then you would basically be
wide open.  Granted, I do not know of any current attacks out there on ISA,
but that does not mean they won't be found.

If I can camp out in your DC, not only do I own all the accounts and other
AD info, I can programmatically execute Group Policy elements that hose the
entire network all at once.

The only thing the client saves is a little money, but, to me anyway, they
would be taking an unnecessary risk.

Attonbitus Deus

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> A customer wants to run ISA Server on the same W2k server that is his AD
> primary controller.
> I've not found any direct information re: this issue. Can anyone on the
> list point out the various pro's & cons of doing this ?
> I'm still on the front side of the learning curve of ISA Server (run lots
> of *nix firewalls), so any help is greatly appreciated.  I already use (&
> rely heavily upon) - super useful site.
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