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  • Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 13:55:35 -0500

I agree with Tom online, my problem is probably SSL socket pooling, does
anyone know how to specifically disable SSL socket pooling, port 443??
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Hello all, bottom line is I cannot get the SSL port bound to ISA server
web proxy, so I can't get the SSL going... here is some background:
I'm running an ISA Server that has to publish websites AND handle SSL
requests both to one site on that server, and forward them into another
server.   I had the internal server working with a publishing rule,
terminating the SSL at the server, and sending an HTTP request
Today I tried to get the SSL to work to the site on the ISA Server using
a publishing rule, and the ISA Server will NOT bind to port 443, the web
proxy cannot do this.  I've changed all the ports in IIS, removed all
the publishing rules in ISA, but if I enable SSL listeners, I cannot get
ISA bound to 443.  Any tips?
Thanks for the info,
Russ Highton Jr.
Systems Engineer
Broden Inc.
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