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Hi Bala,
ISA Server thinks in terms of trust and untrusted networks. The trusted
networks are on the LAT, the untrusted networks are not on the LAT. If
you want to allow new connections from untrusted to trusted networks,
then you need to create publishing rules. If you want to allow new
connections from trusted to untrusted networks, then you need to create
Protocol Rules. While these are general principles, they should serve
you well when thinking about how to allow traffic to move in the
direction you want.

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        Hi all

        I am new to this group .

        I am in the phase of implementation of ISA Server wherein I want
to set certain policy based rules as under 

        Server A on LAN wants to provide an incomming access from
internet on proprietary port 1413 .

        Server B which is co-located on web  wants to access Server C on
LAN on SMTP Port 25 .

        I am not sure whether should I use Protocol rule or site and
content rule,as in protocol rule source node (any server with source
addr.) can be define ,also port allowed can be defined ,howver
destination address cannot be defined. 

        I would like this to compare with Checkpoint firewall wherein
if Server A wants acess to server B via firewall on SMTP PORT  ,there is
rule base as under


        Source Addr.          Destination Addr           Port No.

        Server A                    Server B                        25


        Can anybody help me how can I achieve this on ISA Server.

        Any help will be highly appreciated.


        Thanks in advance.





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