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You can't grab everything at once and expect it to be relevant.

ISA 2000 errors that mirror ISA 2004 errors almost always point to
deployment mistakes; not bugs.

This is especially true of comparisons between ISA 2000 and ISA 2004/6.


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If I'm not asking to much I would like to work with you and you work
with me till we solve this and we all learn something from this issue.


In the beginning, each server was joining the domain, than login with a
domain account, than install ISA, setup ... and than second server
follow this procedure at a distance of 6 months.


I expect to see it working and I really do not understand why this


Also on ISA 2000 I got some strange errors old times and I found a
sollution never presented on the web but this is dead and I look forward
to see this 2004 working with your help, support and positive ideeas.


Thank you for all your efforts till now and I will be even glad if we
can arrive to a sollution. Please let me know what can I do more.



Yours sincerely,


Bogdan Florin

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