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  • From: "Jim Harrison" <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 16:55:38 -0800

You've been busy!  ..just a couple of pieces for ya..

- Browser service: if someone is using SBS2K, they have to have the Browser
running as it's required by a DC.
- WINS settings: I also ditch the "Use LMHOSTS" setting.  Win2K and later
OS's prefer DNS to WINS / NBNB for name resolution and if you're not using
the LMHOSTS file, the system just wastes time dredging it up.
- Packet Filtering: problem #2 for enabling fragment filtering; streaming
media.  If you enable this, you also limit yourself to streaming below 100K.
- Log Files: Yay!  Another log reader in the group!!  Outside of the help
files, the ISA logs are the most informative things on the server itself.
    One dissention; add "Rule#1" and "Rule#2" to your logging efforts; these
will (when isahf54 is applied) assist rule troubleshooting.
- LAT/LDT: one additional note; add your external domain _IF_ you've
installed an internal DNS zone to avoid the dreaded 14120 errors, then you
want this zone in the LDT.
- HotFixes: add a list of the "must have" hotfixes.  I can help if you

..otherwise, very nicely done!  I guess I'll have to flesh out my "Kill the
14120 errors once and for all" article, huh?

Jim Harrison
MCP(NT4, W2K), A+, Network+, PCG
Read the books!

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Hi Neil,

Well, I finished it!

I'll be up on next week. But until then, you
can check it out at:


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Hi Thomas..,

I'll Look forward to seeing it. If you are willing to offer me a copy of
the unfinished work I'm sure it would be very helpfull..



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