[isalist] ISA 2004 stops working after secureNAT client connects

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  • Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 15:27:22 -0500


I have a new ISA 2004 installation on Server 2003 SP2.  After getting it
up and running I was having trouble with RPC connections from the
server.  I found a KB article (948496) that talked about problems with
2003 SP2, I changed the registry settings discussed in the article and
everything worked just fine during testing.

However during testing I was only able to test with Firewall and
Web-Proxy clients.  When I moved it to the production environment
everything came to a crashing halt.  After some mental anguish I figured
out that if I changed the default gateway to something other than the
ISA server but left all of the Firewall and Web-Proxy clients still
pointing to the ISA things started working again.

May layout is something like this

Client Computers ---- Router ----- ISA ----- Internet

I put in a stupid NAT device parallel to the ISA and set the gateway of
the router to it when things started working.  The only SecureNAT
clients that I had were the servers on the Internal network all of the
client workstations are either Proxy or Firewall clients.

Sorry I got long winded but now for my question, is this problem still
being caused by 2003 SP2?  And if so is there a solution out there that
I missed?  If not can anyone point me to a possible area were I may find
a misconfiguration.

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