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Have you checked the workstations / server for spyware.


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> You'll have to be a bit more specific about:

OK, i will place some configuration stuff here.

> 1. your ISA caching configuration

The default cache rule, the only thing i have changed is disabling the
ftp caching, an second rule which disables caching for

I have configured a cache size of 10 Gb, and have left everything in

> 2. what sites

When going to the user ends up at

> 3. what requests.

HTTP request.

> Generally, ISA caches site content according to the rule outlined in 
> the ISA help, but it's also possible to configure it so that it caches

> everything in sight (bad thing).

I haven't changed anything in the caching rule, as mentioned above, on
the server there is a eTrust antivirus client active, i have excluded
the caching dir for scanning, and the processes used by isa are excluded


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