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Dammit i think irc works on 6660-6669 tcp or something like that. each client 
can actually specify a port between that range. Create a protocol rule which 
deny's this port range and it may solve your problem.


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I thought about responding, but I am having too many problems trying to get 
some work done right now.


Maybe I need to create a canned response.


John Tolmachoff


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Well I guess you've been told. Some people just refuse to look up anything I 



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Hi steve,

if I allow myself to put the question it is that I did not find what I
sought on Thank you for the beginners...

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Ask Mr Tolmachoff....:))

Another lazy question...if you do a google search and find out what
ports you need to use...or even, (God forbid), search the
web site...then you may get your answer.


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Hi all,

I would like to create a rule in order to block these protocols

Which is the procedure to be followed please!

Thanks for your assistance



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