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All sorts.

It effictivly maps your ip connections to the external interface of the
ISA server. Without it your pc will think its ip is 192.168.x.x (or
whatever) so when you DCC it tells the remote computer to connect to
that ip address - which of course it cant as it's a non-routable
internal only ip address (apart from the fact you are behind a
With the firewall client when you DCC from mirc it replaces your pcs ip
address with the correct external ip and tells isa to open the
appropriate port - hence the remote pc can make the connection to your
pc through the firewall.

That's not exactly how it works im sure some will correct me on the
proper facts - but its just the general idea.


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>Do you have the firewall client installed? I find once I have installed
>that, it works fine.

What does the Firewall client do, exactly?  Why's it good?



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