RE: How to Log to Both Database and File?

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Hello Anthony
ISA comes with some 3 SQL scripts which you use to create SQL tables. (do a 
quick search with *.sql in MS ISA installation folders). 
Using your ODBC manager, create a DSN to the database.
If you choose to log to a database, you are required to enter in the ODBC 
infomation (the DSN) and the particular table to log into. Otherwise you could 
use SQL Data transformation Services (DTS) to let SQL import the text data from 
the logs on a scheduled basis.
The DSN can also point to a MS Access databse - most peoples workhorse.

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        I was wondering if it is possible to setup ISA to log to both files and
        database?  The dialogs in the Log Setup only seem to allow one or the 
        however someone may know of a way around this, or a util that will 
        the log files into a database (Which I could do manually)
        Any ideas on this would be much appreciated.
        Ant Dowling
        p.s. Apologies if this Message has come thru twice, as I received some
        reject message regarding list manager or something.
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