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Reminds of when we had a "certified" Compaq technician come in to
replace a controller card in one of our servers.  I had to show him how
to open the case, then provide him with the right tools when he
attempted to open a torx screw with a miniature flat-tip screwdriver.

Needless to say, we do our own maintenance now.

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Wow, then I've got a case number, 2 "engineers" and a group of tech
leads of
the Active Directory design side that need a quick dip and a vigorous
with lye.  The phrase "I don't know, but I/we think..." That and the
the first guy I talked to never used DCPROMO in his life.... *urg*
Definitely not a case of the warm-fuzzies.....  We figure it's safer to
leave it broken than do what they told us to do.

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