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Hi Greg,

Create a protocol def and protocol rule to support the protocol. Make
sure no secondary connections are required. Confirm you have completely
knowledge of the protocol and that the vendor isn't feeding you a line.
What do the firewall services logs say? The should list the .exe name
and a result code.


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I have an application that I am trying to access through my ISA server.
This application is a java web based application. Without
adding any rules and trying to access the application I get this in the
ISA IP logs

2003-01-14      17:52:29 Tcp
10984   40002   BLOCKED
2003-01-14      17:52:47 Tcp
10949   40002   BLOCKED
2003-01-14      17:53:04    Tcp
40002   10949   BLOCKED
2003-01-14      17:53:08    Tcp
40002   10949   BLOCKED
2003-01-14      17:53:17    Tcp
40002   10949   BLOCKED
2003-01-14      17:53:32    Tcp
40002   10949   BLOCKED

Okay so I can see that port 40002 is blocked both inbound and outbound.

So I create a IP packet filter and allow Remote port 40002 and Local
Port dynamic for TCP 40002 direction set to Both.

Now when I try to access the application I get this ISA IP log

2003-01-14      17:55:29 Tcp
10984   40002   ALLOWED
2003-01-14      17:55:47 Tcp
10949   40002   ALLOWED
2003-01-14      17:55:04    Tcp
40002   10949   ALLOWED
2003-01-14      17:55:08    Tcp
40002   10949   ALLOWED
2003-01-14      17:55:17    Tcp
40002   10949   ALLOWED
2003-01-14      17:55:32    Tcp
40002   10949   ALLOWED

However the application fails to start as if something else is still
being blocked.

I've tried to access this application from the sever that is running
ISA, from a computer sitting behind the ISA server, I've tried
it on systems running secureNAT, running the Firewall Client. The only
system that I've been able to get it to work on is a Laptop
that I've setup on the internet with a public IP address that is not
behind the ISA server and it works fine.

Could the problem be with the NAT? Any other ideas that may help?


Greg Foulks, MCP
NewFound Technologies, Inc.
Email: greg.foulks@xxxxxxxx
Voice: 614.318.5036
Fax: 614.318.5005

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