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As long as the user is an administrator on their local machine, you can't stop 
them from doing anything they want.
In this case, you have these choices:
1 - quit worrying about things you can't control
2 - use access controls the users can't touch (destination sets, etc.)
3 - start drinking heavily

 Jim Harrison
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Hi Thomas

well i used the method of blocking these applications

ISa server management console.... client setting

firewall client's application setting

Name ==  Kaaza  Key Disabled  Value 1

this worked for me for quite some time but now a user told me that he changed 
that value to 0 from hi firewall client...this is the 
strangest thing i ever heard that  by modifying his firewall client he is able 
to bypass ISA ..becoz before this  these softwares 
stopped working when i disabled them

Can u tell me how ?

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