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But for no reason why don’t you use two isa servers in a row so that you
have max security ?
That’s the best thing to do .
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No Good 
I have tried it already :( you wont get \\servername\share ( the
istall.bat )if you dont have a File aNd Print Sharing )
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In the install folder of the isa server  client you can make an link to
that file if so you can install with http in.
Look for it in the folder  mspclnt there you find  th e folder webinst
in http and  with setup.bat and update.bat
That’s it 
Have a nice day
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From: Eran Levi [ mailto:eran@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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Hi guy's 
Got a little Q if you can help me here ..:
I got an ISA Server on a domain ( Working all fine  )
without a " File and Printers sharing " on. 
Now I can't see him on the Internal net Browsing ( thats OK ) Nor map is
drive as :  <file://myserver/share> \\myserver\share 
How can I install then " Firewall Client " if i cant see him as a share
folder on the domain  ?
( The " File and Printer Sharing " is not enable on this computer on
purpose ) 
Is there anyway else to install the " Firewall Client " ? 
ThanX a lot for your time 
Have A Nice Day
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