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If I read you correctly, that is sort of on the lines of what I was
leading to.

The IIS virtual leads to a basic site, like

But the Exchange virtual leads to like

By that, would not the properties be separate?

Or am I off base? Again!

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At 07:27 AM 6/27/2002, you wrote:

>How are you trying to connect from outside, URL or IP?
>What is the URL? Are you using something like

Most of the time, these are authentication mode issues... With Ex2k, I
seen a funky little bug a couple of times that I now always check:

When you go to the HTTP Virtual Server Node in Exchange Manager, and try
get the Properties, it tells you that you have to configure the node
the IIS MMC... This is all fine and good.  So, we go to the IIS MMC, and

set the virt dir to Basic Only (after configuring SSL).

However, a couple of times, this has not worked (still get access 
error).  I would go back to IIS MMC and check the authentication method,

and it would be right.  If I then went back to Exchange Manager and 
expanded out the HTTP Virt Server, I would see the sub nodes for
ExchAdmin, and Public (or whatever they are) and I could go to the 
Properties of Exchange there, go to the Authentication tab, and both
*and* NT Integrated would be checked.  IIS would show Basic only, but
Ex2k node properties would show Basic and NT Integrated.

To me, that is pretty bogus.  The first time, I went around for a while 
trying to figure out what the deal was- the second time, I found it
quickly.  Now I always check both places just to be sure.  It does not 
happen all the time, but it does happen (to me, anyway).  I'm curious to

see if other people notice the same thing...


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