RE: DNS Restart After ISA Server Reboot

  • From: "Troy Robbins" <trobbins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 01:10:19 -0500


We encountered a similar problem under the following conditions:
- upon reboot of the ISA server 
- restart of the ISA services 
- external DNS failure from our ISP

After spending time attempting to troubleshoot any issue that was going on with 
DNS or ISA, the workaround I came up with was to create a script that polls an 
external FQDN with more than one DNS server, the script then parses the results 
and counts the DNS servers returned, if the result is not what was expected the 
script restarts the local DNS service (logs an event) and rechecks the results 
again. If the script returned bad results the 2nd pass through a notification 
event is fired off as well (i.e. email, MS Messenger Service, log file and 
event log). The script keeps a tally of the total failures and will stop after 
the 3rd attempted restart of the DNS service - notifying us that human 
intervention is required. We use the script on all of our internal DNS servers 
(5) and its executed every 4 minutes. On average the DNS service is restarted a 
couple times every other day, very seldom have we had to intervene - only when 
perhaps our external DNS servers were having issues.

While this obviously doesn't resolve the underlying problem, it's certainly 
placed a Band-Aid on the issue and allowed us to move on for the time being. If 
you like I can email the script to you off list.

Troy Robbins, CISSP

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  I never said that DNS stops. I merely stated that I must "restart" DNS 
(sometimes) after either restarting ISA services or rebooting the ISA Server 
server. At present, my setup is as follows:


  (1)     DNS Server on PDC (Active Directory/Windows 2000 Server)

  (2)     ISA Server (member server/Windows 2003 Standard) Integrated Mode, but 
not array.


  It seems fairly simple. DNS does not stop internally, but only when 
attempting to resolve a FQDN outside of the internal network.


  Thanks for your help John.




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