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Thanks steve but that is already done.

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        Enable the  DHCP filter, buy a book on ISA and read it, explore

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                We got an Isaserver running with two nics one for the
internal network
                and one for the external network.
                The external nic must use dhcp to obtain an ip address
else it does not
                work with the ISP however ofcourse our ip address is
always the same
                cause it is bound to the external nic mac address by the
                When we start the system everthink work fine but after
six ours the dhcp
                lease has ended and the nic can`t obtain a new ip
                So we contacted the ISP and they said that there was a
discovery for an
                dhcp server but never an acknownledge.
                When we dissable the packet filter everything worked
fine we always can
                obtain an new ip address but ofcourse that is not what
we wan`t.
                Do i have to create an packet filter for the external
interface ? Cause
                i did create some packet filters but all with no succes.
                Or do i always need a static ip address ?
                Please Help Me
                Bas den Boer
                NC Automatisering
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