RE: Credentials pop-up when opening IE

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:26:06 +1100

This is exactly what I get from :

1) MAC users and 
2) any machine logged on locally, i.e. not on to the domain.

MAC users because they don't support integrated authentication and :
local logons because they are not on the domain.

So this is normal for these users, either of these will give the result you
give, lets eliminate MAC users for the moment, I know you are going to say
yes to all these but ?

Are these users logged onto a domain ?
Does this domain have some sort of relationship with the domain the ISA box
is in ? i.e. same or a trust ?

Probably won't help none, but anyway :)


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Hi Guys,

My users are being asked for authorization the first time they use IE.
After this first login their credentials are stored and they are not asked
for U.ID. and PSW anymore.

Users can access all sites and use all protocols (no problem with that).


- W2K domain.
- All clients use Firewall Client software.
- Site and Protocol rules are wide open and based on groups.
- The is only one Deny rule to a specific site.
- "Ask unauthenticated users for identification" is checked.
- Logs are perfect and you see no "anonimous" users.

Any ideas?!

Please, if you could help I´d be very grateful. 



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