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MessageMey be you don`t need and access point, Try the WAP11 (WirelessAccess 
point) on wireless-bridge mode, you can link two of them and the lan`s 
connected, to each one, will be transparently on the same Ethernet Segment.

Gabriel Zabal
Ing. Sistemas

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  Thanks for the quick reply. Nice to see someone else working on a Sunday 
night. Hmmm!

  Could I just put a wireless PCI card in each ISA and do a peer to peer setup? 

  Not really,  You need a card and a base station/router the set up I was 
thinking off  was for you to ctreate a "Single" network behind the ISAs 
(probably configured as an array) in order to do that you need to get traffic 
from one set of wires to another - theoretically a pair of routers or more 
economically a low end/old/spare PC  (configured to route using a card ) at one 
end and a base station/router  at the other. You may well have to sort out the 
IP addressing scheme at the same time to resolve duplicates etc. 

  The router gives you control of the relationship between the two wires - what 
can talk to what etc

  I don't think it would be sensible to use the ISAs as routers in this case as 
you'd loose the fallback option.

  Would I need a wireless access point or router? Yes

  What would I need to configure on the |SAs to get them to route traffic over 
the wireless interfaces? I believe its the clients that would need to be 
configured - though I'm not sure, if it's an array I think it will be covered 
in the clent setup.

  If this sounds confusing it probably is.

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