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Yes, I recognized the name.

ISA not doing NAT will help.

Please check out the links that Tom and Stefaan have posted.

Read through the posts here, there is a lot of good information there. I
am going to read through there also.;f=13

Good Luck.

John Tolmachoff
IT Manager, Network Engineer
RelianceSoft, Inc.
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Hi John, (we spoke yesterday..thanks again)

Client2 is an internal address (192.168.1.??)
Server2 has a USB ADSL Modem (with static IP), therefore only one NIC

I do not think ISA is doing NAT (How do I check)?

Scenario contractor ahs started in Company 2 and has the Cisco VPN
setup on his laptop(PC2).  To access his company's system, he needs to
access to Company1/Server 1.

Hope this helps.


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