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Cable modem problemIt's very easy to have ISA grab and IP from the cable ISP, I 
wouldn't bother asking for a static IP unless you are prepared to listen to 
there garble.
I use ISA to get IP for ISP, then using NAT and DHCP I assign ip's to my 
internal computers as required.
It's all quite easy and painless.
I use our script to drop my IP and renew it from my ISP every 24 hours. This 
keeps me and my cable internet idiots happy.

Let me know if you need any help


Mark S
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  I think. I'm changing from ISDN to a cable modem. The cable co. says I must 
have my ISA server set for DHCP. Followed the instructions in the Learning Zone 
for this type of setup. I tested it against my ISDN router. Set it to do DHCP, 
gave the DHCP Client rule the IP of the ISDN router as the remote computer. It 
won't get an IP from it. I stopped the ISA Control, as suggested, still won't 
get the IP.

  Maybe it is the router, but I thought I would check ahead if anyone has any 
thoughts on what else I might be missing.

  Dan Bartley, MCSE+Internet


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