RE: Browsing from ISA server shows as anonymous

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That is an excellent question that I can't answer.  My guess is another
column of data stored for  logging that you could save space?  If you want
your logs to display user information you need to use the Firewall Client,
so instead of displaying IP addresses you can see a friendlier description
when you generate reports of the activity on your network.

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Come to think of it, I believe I setup the Protocol Rule to allow any
request. I setup the Content Rule to only allow a certain user / group to
access a specified destination.

Because I setup IE to be a Web Proxy Client, shouldn't that have used the
user crendentials to gain access to the specified destination? When I
tried to access any destination that wasn't specified (as per the Content
Rule) it was refused (as it should), but again for some reason it shows up
as an anonymous access.


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