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Setup a destination set for the web addresses.  Create a rule for the 
destination set and deny access to a client address set or user group.

It is straight forward.

Aaron Shimmons

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     Thanks, I wasn't sure if blocking would do it because of
the link from, but I will give it a shot.  Any ideas on aol mail? 
I would imagine no because the mail requests are handled by their
software, not a url.  Any thoughts?

Also, are you aware of any other sites beside that allow
untracable Internet browsing?  I want to lock these sites down hard. 
Thanks again, Scott.

> Scott,
> You can indeed block access to these mail sites by creating Rules
> (within the Access policy in ISA management.
> For Yahoo block <>  for
> hotmail use <>  and deny
> users access to these websites.
> For more info check out <>
> for details!
> With Kind Regards,
> Khan
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> forestry.mis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Website:  <http://www.forestry>  <>
> Good Morning, 
>      Is there a way that I can use ISA and block access to the mail
> features of certain sites.  For example, block Hotmail without blocking
> access to MSN, Yahoo mail without loosing access to the site, AOL...?
>      Thanks in advance, Scott.  

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