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  • Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:20:23 -0700

Greetings Security Professionals:

Sorry if you find this a blatant commercial plug for Blackhat, but I just
wanted to drop you a line to remind you that time is about to run out for
discounted training sessions at Blackhat Vegas 2005.  For the first time,
Blackhat is offering special weekend classes to better help accommodate the
schedules of attendees.  In addition, a record number of Blackhat-certified
training sessions are available.

While seats are still available for both sets of 2-day trainings for my
Microsoft Ninjitsu sessions, there are many more classes available that I
recommend you take a look at.   We've really had great response to our
Securing Microsoft Technologies series, so if you are interested in securing
Exchange, SQL, AD, deploying Group Policy, ISA Server (and DMZ design) and
general Microsoft infrastructure security, this class may be for you.  But I
want to make sure I don't take away focus from some of the other classes out
there - For instance, Jay Beale's "Securing Solaris and Locking Down Linux"
is great for you *nix folks out there (I've personally attended this course,
and Jay rules.)   But of course you've got many other incredible security
people like the Litchfield's, Sensepost, Halvar, Hoglund and Butler, Saumil
Shah, Joe Grand, Steve Dugan, and a bunch more folks (if I left out a buddy,

Anyone interested should check it out at

Oh, and one more thing-- I'm really stoked to announce that Microsoft has
gone above and beyond the call of duty and has illustrated their continued
commitment to security by providing one of the world's top ISA Server
security professionals as a security training resource for attendants of my

Jim Harrison, ISA Ninja, will be hosting a special ISA Server 2004 immersion
training segment and will assist the Hammer of God trainers on "DMZ Day"
while we build a back-to-back ISA 2004 production DMZ infrastructure.
Really cool stuff, and my thanks go out to Microsoft for sanctioning Jim's
involvement with the class.

Thanks for your time.
Timothy (Thor) Mullen

*Secure your infrastructure*
Microsoft Ninjitsu: Securely Deploying MS Technologies
security training delivered by Timothy Mullen.
Registration now open for Blackhat Vegas 2005:

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