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Bite the bullet, get rid of the DMZ, install IIS with a 3rd party AV /
Spam app such as GFI MailSecurity / MailEssentials.
Putting your mail server BEHIND ISA makes much more sense as it will be
far better protected than if it's in a DMZ.


From: Steve Lunn [mailto:Steve.Lunn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [isalist] Black Listing Connections

Good Friday to you all. 

I have a question and I apologise if it's been asked before, but I know
Jim will flame me wither way ;-) 

We are currently running the following config 

              Mail AV Scanner (DMZ) 
Internet        --- ISA 2k --- Exchange 5.5 

We're looking to upgrade to Exchange 2k3, and we've seen the SpamHaus
project ( <> ) 
as a great way to stop the flood of spam we seem to be getting, however,
our current mail AV scanner 
doesn't support the DNSBL lookups that SpamHaus offers. 

This leaves me with a couple of options 

1) Replace the Mail AV with an Exchange 2k3 FE server with AV software
on it and have that do the DNSBL lookups, 

2) Replace the Mail AV with another Mail AV scanner that does support
DNSBL lookups, or 

3) Get ISA to do the lookup and drop the connection before it even
reaches the AV scanner. 

So finally to my questions: - 

Does ISA 2K or ISA 2k4 have a way of dynamically looking up incoming
connections using the DNSBL method? 

If not, is there a 3rd party app that does? 

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