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Make sure that your ISA server setup agrees with:

..this was designed specifically to support AD-membership for ISA; it makes
sure that ISA can talk to the AD without any issues.

Jim Harrison
MCP(NT4, W2K), A+, Network+, PCG

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This may seem like a trivial question but I want to get this right "the
first time around."

I have two windows 2000 servers ready for configuration. One is already set
up as the Domain Controller, with Active Directory, WINS, DNS server,
Exchange, DHCP etc. server, according to isaserver tutorials (thanks for the
gerat work). The uplink to the internet was not connected. (necessary?) The
second server will become the ISA server.

Here is the problem: I am not sure how to bring the ISA server into the
Domain as a "member-server" as suggested. I am familiar with ISA and DNS
(seems fine)
But i cannot get the ISA server to connect to the domain. [RPC server is

There is an A record on the DNS server pointed to the isa host.
DNS/GW IP is configured as provided in tutorials.

What am i doing wrong here?

thanks in advance.


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