[isalist] Re: Auto detect proxy & site content rule problem

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 09:22:36 -0600

BTW -- Just to make it clear, I was right from the beginning. I said
this was a "hork mode" issue and Bogdan came clean yesterday and
admitted to hoke mode, in spite of how embarassing that must have been.
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        Two things are missing from this problem description:

        1.       ISA configuration (ISAInfo is the simplest way)

        2.       WPAD contents


        The question of WPAD-related behavior hints at a problem in the
LAT or Outgoing listener settings.

        You can acquire a copy of the wpad script by entering
"http://IsaOutgoingListenerIP:ListenerPort/wpad.dat"; in the browser
address bar and saving it to the desktop when promoted.


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        Subject: [isalist] Auto detect proxy & site content rule problem



        There is a 'Join a Meeting' button on the
http://www.gotomeeting.com website. 

        When we hard code our proxy server into our browser, either IE7
or IE6 all with latest patches, we can download the software and are
prompted with a box to provide the meeting ID.

        If we have our browser set to 'Automatically detect settings' we
can bring up the first page (www.gotomeeting.com) without an issue but
when we click on the 'Join a Meeting' button we get an 'Internet
Explorer cannot display the webpage' message and any webpages we try to
access after this fail,

        Looking in the ISA Logs it shows I fail to connect to,
http://col.gotomeeting.com, and it is being blocked by a Site and
Content Rule that uses the 'Banned Advertisement Sites Starter Pack
(2238 sites)
' from Steve's website. We do have redirection set for this rule but the
page isn't redirected. And I have searched the DS but I can't find an
entry that would be blocking.

        So I did some more testing. If I disable the Site and Content
rule which contains the DS and have 'Automatically detect settings'
enabled I can access the site without a problem and with the Site and
Content Rule enabled and a hard coded proxy address I can still access
the website. But with the Site/Content Rule enabled and 'Auto detect
settings' in IE I can't get access.

        Running WinXP SP2 with all latest patches. ISA Server 2000
running on Windows 2000 also with all latest patches.

        I hope the above makes sense.


        Nathan Simpson
        Australian Wool Handlers
        Forest Rd
        Lara VIC 3212

        All mail to and from this domain is GFI-scanned.

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