Re: Apply/Modify Configs Thru Script?

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Apply/Modify Configs Thru Script?Try this:

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  Looking for a way to automatically blanket-apply changes to an ISA host 
through VBScript.  

  Say I use Dr. Shinder's .vbs (which I have not yet tried) to catch all of the 
config info to a text file.  Now I want to blast all of that at another server. 

  The reason for this is that after tweaking/poking/prodding my development ISA 
box, now I want to move to production hardware, and don't want to miss anything 
on the production setup by rummaging through the GUI again.  Also, Server 
Publishing can't be set to "always use the external interface", it expects a 
hardcoded IP number, and when I add another development ISA host to test out 
the array features, I want the same configs, but obviously different IP numbers 
for certain settings.


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