RE: Andrew's Ramblings Part XXIX

  • From: "Jim Harrison" <Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 20:07:11 -0800

I like that auto mechanic analogy; it fits as well as any other
auto-computer comparison; i.e., not at all.

Do you go to your auto mechanic to learn how to fix your car?
I certainly hope not - he wouldn't make a dime in the process.

The correct analogy to this conversation is "I called a group of
mechanics and they told me exactly what the noise meant.  To add insult
to injury, they wanted to look under the hood before they would tell me
anything else and none of them even charge for this service."

If you find "look at this" and "it's caused by this" responses
insulting, you're in the wrong field.  I told you what your ISA was
doing, I told you why it was doing it.  Without seeing your ISAInfo,
it's literally impossible to give you more specific advice other than:
- quit with the "nothing has changed for a year" crap.

Jim Harrison
MCP(NT4, W2K), A+, Network+, PCG
Read the help / books / articles!

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[Jim] You never sent the ISAInfo, so there was no other help to give.
You've ignored the suggestions and hints I've offered so far, so whay
should I press you further?  I don't read minds and anyway; I gave up
comic books when I turned 13.

The problem is Jim your replies are not valid. You like to make fun of
people or put them down in some way in the initial parts of your
postings then use the "oh.. try looking at... may fix your problem..."
at the very end which is not professional. 

Its like taking your car the mechanic and telling him or her you have
problem with it that it makes a certain sound that never happened until
now, and in turn your mechanic making fun of how little you know about
your cars make up, and then suggesting to chain the oil. Would you take
that person seriously? I know many people who wouldn't.

So you are as bright as everyone makes you out to be why don't you cut
to the chase to add your cents of useful "check this", "or it's related
to.." instead of insulting the person first and then trying to offer
them a professional answer?  


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"if you ask for it nicely"?
Get a clue Andy - you're the one asking for help.
If you want to send me your ISAInfo offline, it'll get the same
treatment as anyone else's.  If you don't, I won't feel slighted in the

Point #1: You are responsible for the response tone to you in this list
(and countless others).  If you don't like the responses you get, then
consider the fact that you clearly fail to learn from your own ISA
experiences and the help & advice provided to you here and in other
lists that you frequent.

Point #2: You clearly have *no* change control process or you wouldn't
continue with your "no changes for over a year" assertions.  This is
*very* unprofessional.

Point #3: (yet again) 403/12202 is specific to rule action.  The way to
troubleshoot this is to compare the request to the rule criteria and the
ISA logs.

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