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I hope ADSL is a lot more reliable where you are then over here in the

Certainly the 5V PSU on the ADSL router is not the weakest link here!
Why do you not just plug the 5V PSU into your UPS and buy a spare 5V
You are then given the option later on to have more than one machine
hanging off of the ADSL router.

Just an idea, can't help with your actual problem.


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Previously I posted this as "Everything installed but no-body home..."
and have been working on it ever since.

When working with the client machine, we have an IP on the private
192.168.0.x network with the gateway pointing at (the ISA) I
get absolutely nothing for any service. IP Routing is enabled. This
fulfils the requirements for SecureNAT. I've defined a simple Protocol
Rule for Web, Telnet, DNS, SMTP and POP3. If I "telnet
25" for example, I get nothing.

When I plug " 8080" as Internet Explorer's proxy, browsing
springs to life. If I leave no value (ie. SecureNAT) for the proxy
there's nothing.

The machine is configured with an Intel EE Pro/100B for internal private
IP and a D-Link DSL-100D ADSL modem with a fixed IP ADSL service from
our provider. On the ISA machine the ADSL is functioning fine, and as I
mentioned if I plug 8080 as the internet proxy away the browser (only
the browser) goes.

Since I first posted on 5 Feb regards this problem I've had stonewalling
from D-Link and absolutely no help from Microsoft.

We're keen to make this combination work, because we find that any sort
of external ADSL to ethernet device tends to have only a single power
supply. If we're building a reliable gateway PC with dual power
supplies, a back-up route, RAID HDs and UPS, then a toy ADSL modem with
a 5V transformer power supply tends to let the side down. We want the
ADSL modem in the PC.

I've set the machine up on the internet as a test. Anyone who'd like to
take a look at the this ISA setup and is happy to use WinVNC, email me
privately mailto:cpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I'll give you the IP, and

WinVNC can be had from here;

Interestingly, I found I did not have to do anything to get WinVNC
working on Port 5900, just install and run. No filters, nothing. I
suspect there's something weird with the way the QoS or ISA Packet
Drivers bind to the ADSL modem which is made to look like a NIC.

D-Link deny it. :(



    Connor Moran                 Projectset Australia
  Ph: +618 94791831                     Pty Ltd
cpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       Computer Publishing Specialists

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