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On Thursday 4th of May a meeting took place on the platform of the station at
Grand Canal dock of the disability users group within Irish rail.   I was
there to represent the views of guide dog owners and Joe Bollard and Hillary
Casey attended on behalf of the ncbi. The I.W.A. and the national Association
of the Deaf also attended. 

It is planned that the ticket validating machines will be installed and
operating in seven dart stations by the end of August 2006.  The first to go
live is Grand Canal dock.  This is expected to be the first working day after
the June Bank Holiday weekend.  The next will be Clontarf Road Dart Station
followed by Blackrock, Landsdown Road Connolly, Tara Street and Pearse
Stations and in that order.  This is a pilot project and if it proofs
financial value to Irish Rail and prevents fraud by the general public the
whole network will then start to be planned.  No date could be given for
these works.

All travel pass users are expected to get a ticket like everybody else and
use them on the machines to open the barrier to arrive onto the platform or
leave it.  The gap between each machine is wide enough to take a person with
a guide dog walking on their immediate left.  There is an extra wide one to
take a wheelchair user or someone with a buggy.  Anybody who wishes can also
use this gateway.  Put your ticket into the gap provided at the front of the
machine and follow the raised portion of the machine upwards and your ticket
appears coming up from the top of the machine.  Should you put the ticket in
wrong it simply comes back to you in the slot you put it into.  Hillary from
ncbi said that from a persons view with some vision the machines were well
coloured and that the doors that open when you put in your ticket are very

I see no problems for us using the machines other than the annoyance of
having to get a ticket each day we are travelling.  There will always be a
staff member at each station in a position that they can view all of the
activity at the ticket barriers.  This person is in a position to open the
gates should someone not be able to operate the machines.  In the case of an
emergency or power failure the ticket machines lock in the open position
until the problems are over.  According to the staff of irish Rail who
attended the meeting all dart stations are manned until the last dart has
gone through their station.

Meantime the Department of Community, Social and family Affairs have said it
is a long way off until they are in a position to issue those of us with
travel passes a card that can issue a weekly or monthly ticket.

This is something that I am asking Neil Ashworth Client Services Manager of
IGDB to take up on our behalf with the Department.

For any other information on this matter contact Melanie McDonagh Irish
Rail's Access Officer on (01) 7032634

Tom O'Neill


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