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I am informed by Hugh Maguire of Athlone that a meeting of transport 21 is
taking place tomorrow.  This group is made up of representatives of different
groups of disabled persons
 Elaine Howley is the representative of ncbi and I understand that already
there is an established group of persons working in this area.

I know nothing more about this group but would be glad to hear more if
someone knows more


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Hi Darragh,

Well,  she didn't sound all that helpful to me!

firstly,  why will a new pass take so long to introduce?  is it dependent on
other issues such as integrated ticketing?

secondly, there is always something  people can do.  We need to firstly find

1.  what changes are   planned for the pass.

2.  why has it taken so long to further these plans, and why will it  take so
long to introduce  the changes?

once we know these things we can look at lobbying the relevant parties to
progress the issue.


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Hello all,

Tim, as I had some time this morning I spoke to a helpful lady in Sligo who
gave me the name of her superviser and the address to send any letters to.  

She informed me that the change to a more conveenient pass had been planned
for some time and would, in all likelyhood take a long time to introduce.
When asked if there was something we could do to increase the speed of this
process she said no.

supervisors details:
barbra maloney
free travel
college road,

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