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  • From: "Alison Flack" <flack@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:57:02 +0100

Delighted to see the list up and running again.  I haven't been on in a
while but just to update everyone, the last time I wrote it was to say I had
Diva a Bernese Mountain dog pup who was absolutely gorgeous looking and had
a wonderful temperament.  Unfortunately she had had a fright from what we do
not know, but I am convinced that she can overcome it but it will take a lot
of time and patience and would, in my view, make her uneconomic for guide
dogs.  She would be nearly 3 before she would qualify which really limits
her working life.  It was with a sad heart I handed her back to her breeder
yesterday, but he rang me this morning to say she had settled in well with
all his other Bernese dogs and this morning was in great form which cheered
me up.  I just hate failing with a lovely and loving dog.

I am away next week so will probably not have a dog now until I get my new
pup in June, which I think will be a shepherd and I am really looking
forward to that as I love that breed.  Funny to think that when we first got
married over 30 years ago we were house hunting in Dublin and drove into an
estate to view a house.  As we drove along looking for the house a German
Shepherd walked out of the house next door and Roger promptly turned the car
around and left, we never did see that house as he was scared stiff of
Alsatians as he called them and would not even live near one.  Subsequently
we moved to Cork and Mrs Dunlop took it upon herself to try and 'educate'
Roger!!  But even Mrs D had to lock up Jan while Roger admired her pups from
a distance.  Many years later I collected a guide dog shepherd pup from the
airport very late one night and brought it home, we kept it and did not tell
Roger what breed it was for a few weeks when he had fallen for it big time.
Shepherd pups ears are down like a labs so he didn't recognise it for what
it was.  He is now a convert and really admires them for their intelligent
and loving temperament; they also talk to you more than any other breed.

I will let you all know about the pup when it arrives.

Clint continues to progress in training and is about to go into advanced
training which is wonderful, what a dog.


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