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  • From: "Alison Flack" <flack@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 19:04:14 +0100

I now have a german shepherd pup called Viv, she arrived from England nearly
2 weeks ago and is now just 11 weeks old.  She is very black with lovely
golden brown socks but not a lot of obvious marking on her face yet I
presume that will come as she gets older.  Her ears are up which is very
early, I expected her to arrive with her ears either half up or just floppy.
Shepherds ears are down like a Labradors until that are about 9 weeks old
when they slowly start to perk up and look really odd with the top of the
ear flopping down but Viv has her ears completely up, so she looks just like
a little dog and not like al cuddly puppy at all!!


She is lovely and very intelligent but has spent the first 9 weeks of her
life in kennels and so house training is a big problem.  She has got as far
as doing the larger quantities in the garden but she piddles in the house.
If she piddles in the garden or outside I praise her and she is delighted
but she is just as likely to piddle on the mat inside the open door, it is
very frustrating.  Normally we get the pups at 6 weeks old and it will take
2-3 weeks and they will be trained during the day anyway.  Also the brood
bitch holders for the centre usually do not keep the pups in kennels and so
they are more aware of houses etc so they are easier to train.  I am like
Mrs.Mop as I go around with a bucket and mop all day, one of these days I
will win.

Other than that she walks well on a lead and will sit and wait for her food
and treats.  

So I will keep you all informed on progress.

Alison and Viv

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