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Well, Firstly we have to  investigate  what if any plans there might already
be for the free travel pass.
It wouldn't be surprising that a new pass is planned and, as usual, nobody
has remembered to actually tell the users.
Remember this pass is used by pensioners as well as other disabled people.
Contacting the relevant  department, I assume it is social welfare,  would
seem like a first step.

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Tom, I'm sorry but your comparasons are flawed. 

1.  A 50 euro note was not created to be reused so extensively over its life
2.  A mobile phone is much more durable than a pass. That plastic sleeve
comes apart, bends and warps very rappidly due to its size. 

I do agree though that we need to get up off our collective asses and do
something about this.  Any one have an idea where we should start? 

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[IRLGuideDogs] travel passes


First can everybody watch the subject lines and clearly state what the topic
of the mail is.

Previously on this list and on Ireland v.i.p news much discussion was had re
size of travel pass and what happened nothing that I know off.  So we can
whinge including myself all we like write e-mails like yours but until a
proposal is put together by a few people interested enough in the subject
taken by one or all of the agencies supporting groups of disabled persons
use travel passes  to the department involved in the issuing of the travel
passes nothing will happen.  So please someone on the list interested in
working instead of whinging collate all the appropriate e-mails and
suggestions, make up that proposal and ask in our case Irish Guide dogs to
take the proposal to a meeting with the issuing department and come back to
us with the reasons why the travel passes are that size.

It would be worth while for those of you who whinge about the size of the
travel passes to measure them against a fifty note EUR50 , then ask yourself
which is the biggest.
Now as you have found out the fifty note EUR50 is bigger so is that a good
reason to use all five notes EUR5 because there smaller

Next take the time to weigh your mobile phone and the travel pass and see
what weighs more.

I think we now know the travel pass is not that heavy or big and I'm not
defending the size of them just opening up your minds to all sorts of
and measures
I'll bet your glad I didn't ask you to measure or weigh a pint glass empty



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Hi to all, I also think that this is an interesting development but I
would also say that something has to be done about the size of the
travel pass.  They are just too big and when you carry them around all
the time they just end up getting wrecked.

Cheers, Nicky.

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Thanks for your email! and what an interesting email Too! I was
participating in Disability Awareness Training delivered by NCBI and
other disability groups recently, and there was no mention of such
machines being introduced.  I wonder how accessible the machines for
validating one's ticket will be? if it's anything like the voting
machines there's no point! I sincerely hope NCBI and passengers who are
vision-impaired will be consulted when evaluating new ticket machines!

We'll have to watch this space!

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Subject: [irlguidedogs] train ticket validating machines

> All
> I have tried since   11th of April as the message below shows to get
> message out on this list from my work e-mail address but it just goes

> into siber space and to the best of my knowledge no body has got it.

> Now I am going to try sending it from another email address I use so

> here goes.
> Tom
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>   Subject: train ticket validating machines
>     All you guide dog owners and VIPs be aware that in the not too

> distant future all train stations, including DART Stations will have

> ticket validating
>   machines installed.  The current plan within Irish Rail is that
>   using a travel pass or not must get a ticket for every journey that

> they are doing.  This will mean you must put your ticket through a

> machine to
> onto  and off the platforms.  For those of us that use travel pass

> tickets this
>   means we will have to get a ticket every single journey we travel
> the  tickets can only be issued currently on a day return basis.
>   The first two stations this is going to happen in are Clontarf Road

> and Grand  Canal dock two dart stations.  It was to happen at the end

> of February but
>   there is a delay because Irish Rail are not happy with the machines

> currently  been given to them.
>    it is only a matter of time until this happens and the ticket
>   machines are going in right across the system.
>   Can I suggest that those of you who don't carry your travel passes

> "because
>   their too big" find them dust them off because your going to be

> using
>   every day you take a suburban-intercity-train-dart journey likely

> before the  end of this year.
>     Staff at the center are aware of this system coming in and will be

> viewing
>   machines in conjunction with Irish Rail staff as soon as the two

> pilot ones
>   are in.  The next three stations after the pilot results are

> Connolly, Tara
>   Street and Pierce Stations
>    Reason behind it "fraud"
>    Any comments on this for me please use this list.  No phone calls
>   tom O'Neill

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