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Hi Darra,  I presume you are just holding the lead whilst going through.
If so I can't see that you are doing anything wrong, but I think I would
encourage whilst going through and reward after getting there.   It could
just be that he is enjoying the praise in transit and you are going to have
him stopping for a praise break.   If he is really worried you could try
going in front a few times and then praise him when you get there.

If all else fails get the desks moved a few inches.

Does it happen elsewhere?  If not and you go through other similarly narrow
spaces then it may not just be the narrowness.   Get some one to have a look
at what is there and what he is looking or sniffing at.   If there is some
one up from the Centre it wouldn't take long just to have a look.

I remember being told in the dim and distant past, though it holds good for
goats as well as dogs still, that the way to get an animal to do something
could be summarised as:  Ask, Show, Tell, Make, Start Again.

All The Best

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  Good morning!

  I've a quick question for you.
  Does your dog absolutely refuse to walk through some tight spaces? What
have you tried to coax it forward?  There are a few narrow spaces between
desks that I regularly have to walk through in this office.  If using the
dog I don't like to go before him as there can be a few obstructions in the
way. He walks up to about the second desk and stops. I know that there is
just about enough space for both of us to get through but yet he stops and
looks up at me as if to ask what he should do next.  I've tried
encouragement, dog treats praising him while going through, but nothing so
far has worked.

  Any suggestions?

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