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Hi Alison
That's brilliant news about Clint, well done.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your update about Viv who sounds like an energetic 
dog who will keep you very busy for the next while.
Look forward to hearing more.
good luck
Joan Ann.

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  Just to bring you all up to date on my news.  The big news is that Clint has 
been matched with a lovely lady who, I think, is a first time guide dog owner.  
They tell me she is a lovely lady who is tall with long fair hair just like 
Clint but I think they may be pulling my leg!  Either way I wish them all the 
best together.

  I now have my work cut out with Viv.  I was delighted to get a German 
Shepherd pup again as I really love those dogs, they are great fun, always with 
you and very intelligent.  The down side is they are awful as pups as they need 
constant attention and stimulation to keep them amused, in fact they demand 
attention which is great when you are not busy doing something else like 
cooking or cleaning and as for gardening it is a disaster as they continually 
want to help and insist on doing some digging for you.  Viv is a demon for 
water and is also very intelligent, she knows I do not allow her in the garden 
pond but you can see her walk past and just accidentally slip in.  she then 
climbs out looking contrite only to run off with a smile on her face and I feel 
she has just got one over on me again.

  Her house training was a disaster initially but suddenly one day it clicked 
and she is now great except for night time and that is another battle but no 
doubt it will come.  The big problem I have with Viv is she is very car sick, I 
have tried the Dap spray which Ken Brydon gave me, initially it seemed to work 
but is not so great now so I have attached a static strip to the car bumper and 
we will see how that goes.  At the moment it is just too hot to have a pup in 
the car anyway.  

  When I do get her to the shops she is excellent and loves to parade around 
and inspect everything.  She is the complete opposite to Clint as a pup as she 
has no interest in talking to people at all she just wants to observe things 
and people.  Just wait until she grows a bit bigger and everyone will avoid 
her, people seem to be very afraid of Shepherds particularly the black ones yet 
children really love them and come over to hug them with no fear at all, but 
their parents are freaking.  It is a big problem,as the children really need to 
be taught to respect dogs but parents seem to think teaching the children to 
fear dogs is the way to go which is sad.

  The other problem we are battling with Viv is her mouthing, she still has 
needles for teeth and wants to chew everything including your hand, she is 
better but we have a long way to go.  I keep getting her chew bones and toys 
but she hides them all over the garden and only 'finds' them when she want to 
and not when I need them to amuse her.  As we have a large garden this is 
becoming a problem. I really need to train Poppy to find them all for me.  
Poppy is now 12 and is finding the heat a killer, she will go for a walk with 
us in the morning but has no interest in a second walk in the evening and if I 
insist she comes she manufactures a limp and pus on a hang dog look until we 
give in and leave her at home for some peace from Viv.

  Our poor cat is also suffering from Viv's attention, she has tried everything 
to stop Viv from annoying her and trying to pull her off chairs by pulling her 
tail and now at last has started to retaliate and take out the claws in order 
to win, one of these days Viv will get a good scratch on her nose and it will 
serve her right and I hope teach her a lesson. But being a typical shepherd 
when anything hurts her she just howls and howls till you think there really is 
something badly wrong with her and when you give her some attention or a hug 
she is miraculously cured.

  Hopefully by the next time I write we will have cured some of these problems 
and moved on to others!!  

  She is a street angel and house devil and we love her.

  Alison and Viv

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