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Hi Dominique,

I've only had the mounting problem once and that in South Mall Cork.   I
walked the length of south mall with an increasingly amorous large lab typed
creature trying to mount my very large German Shepherd male.   He was
remarkably tolerant and kept going, which for him is hard as he is a fairly
dominant dog by nature and the dominance implications of being mounted must
have been really getting to him.   Fortunately dogs don't suffer
embarrassment.   I started by ignoring the lab, then I tried shewing it off,
then pushing it of and getting quite threatening.   I even gave its ear a
surreptitious pull.   Clearly this was a dog who knew what he wanted, even
if he wasn't getting it!

I was with a friend of mine who was finding the business embarrassing and
amusing by turns.   When we got to Grand Parade, which Is a very busy road,
she restrained our doggy companion whilst I crossed, thinking that a road
full of traffic would disuade him.   Well I say him, but I must admit I
didn't check.   Itt didn't!   So I went into the park there and let Casey
free, on the principle that, firstly he had really had enough by this time,
and secondly he would sort out the other dog, who undoubtedly would get the
message and retire, hopefully not hurt.

It kind of worked, in that the stranger left.   When I put Casey back in
harness and left the park and crossed Grand parade again, to carry on in to
Patrick Street we were rejoined!

In the end we solved the problem, with out loss of life, by going into a
bar, explaining the situation, to a very amused but totally unphased barman,
and leaving by his back entrance, well perhaps I should be clearer in this
context, leaving by the bar's back entrance. We then kept out of the way,
from Patrick Street for 20 minutes or so, and the coast then appeared to be
clear.   I have never met the dog again, nor heard of his antics from anyone
else, but maybe the trainers at the centre have encountered him as they work
a lot in that area.   Perhaps he has a harness fetish!

But on a more serious note, I know how annoying stray dogs can be, but in 33
years of working a dog I have never been bitten by one and only once has one
of my dogs been bitten, so I would say don't be frightened, be angry if
necessary, even stray dogs aren't stupid and normally pick up very quickly
on a situation which might turn unpleasant for them.   Usually, though,
keeping going is enough.

All The Best

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  Hi to all,

  Thanks for all your feedback, most enjoyable.

  This morning myself and Holly were followed by 2 dogs who were roaming
around.  One proceeded to get up on Holly's back, she just took it in her
stride, but needless to say it frightened the hell out of me.

  On our way home this evening, I went to press the button on the light at
the crossing at O'Connell street and it was splattered with tomato sauce.

  This is what all GDO'S are up against on a daily basis.  Have the public
no consideration for us whatsoever.  That's how Holly's paw is now in
bandage for the last 2 weeks.  She cut the pad of it  on glass, while
enjoying her free run. The public should be more aware of the dangers of
things like this.  It's really annoyed me.

  Dominique & Holly.

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