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Firstly, I have to stress that I'm not talking about anyone on this list but
there are one or two GDO's that I could think of who are just as bad.
Having a dog and not keeping control of it so that it can get over to
another dog that is working is just as distracting to your dog as a stray.  


I'm not saying that the way I handle my dog is perfect, but I would hope
that when I'm in the company of another GDO my dog doesn't cause them any
more of a distraction than usual.


Now. That's my rant over.





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Hi to all,


Thanks for all your feedback, most enjoyable.


This morning myself and Holly were followed by 2 dogs who were roaming
around.  One proceeded to get up on Holly's back, she just took it in her
stride, but needless to say it frightened the hell out of me.


On our way home this evening, I went to press the button on the light at the
crossing at O'Connell street and it was splattered with tomato sauce.


This is what all GDO'S are up against on a daily basis.  Have the public no
consideration for us whatsoever.  That's how Holly's paw is now in bandage
for the last 2 weeks.  She cut the pad of it  on glass, while enjoying her
free run. The public should be more aware of the dangers of things like
this.  It's really annoyed me.



Dominique & Holly.

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