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Hello Tom,

I would personally not like my name advertised like that on a mailing list 
after qualifying with a dog.  The area wouldn't be so bad though. 

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[IRLGuideDogs] Something I would like to see on the list

Hi Everybody
I attempted to put the below out a few weeks back on the list and as my 
remains the same on it here goes for what it is.   Lean you have put out
other updates since this one and if you get a chance give Jenny O'Brien 
well wishes for us while she is right now training with her new guide dog 

Hi Lean
Thanks for the update below and especially the comments re myself and 
and the most successful fundraising event.  The event was Balbriggan North
County Dublin's branch of guide dogs a g m in which we formally handed 
EUR86.000 plus to head office in Cork.  More details and pictures on

Hopefully Padraig has returned safe and well from his participation in the
London City marathon yesterday on behalf of Guide dogs.

Likely under data protection reasons you can't do the following but it 
be nice if it were possible in these mails to be told the names of the 
who have completed the courses and maybe a general area where they are 
i.e. Cork-mayo
Has anybody else a view on this?
Thanks for the update mails always interesting


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Hello All,
I hope you all had a pleasant Easter weekend.
I am delighted to tell you that Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Eoin 
is currently training four clients. Three of these clients have previously
owned guide dogs. It goes without saying that the fourth client is being
trained with their first guide dog. I'm sure you will all join me in 
them the best of luck.
The apring issue of IGDB's magazine, Guidelines, is now available on our

This magazine can be downloaded in pdf, html, mp3 and wma   formats. It is
well worth the read.

As I mentioned before, Dublin Airport have set up a Disability Users 
in which, IGDB and other organisatiosn are involved. Our next meeting is 
Tuesday 24th April. If any of you have any suggestions regarding Dublin
Airport, please do not hesitate to contact me.
IGDB would like to congratulate Tom and Breege O' Neill on the recent
Balbriggan Branch Fundraising event. It was a tremendous success.
IGDB is hosting fundraising events for our SHADES campaign next weekend in
Limerick. There will be a stand in the Crescent Shopping Centre, 
on Friday 28th April and on Saturday 29th April there will be stand in the
Parkway Shopping Cntre. There is also a BBQ event on the Saturday 
which a guide dog owner would be welcome to attend. If any of you guide 
owners would like to be imvolved in any of these events, please ring IGDB 
ask for a contact number for Roger Beck.
That's it for now,
Léan Kennedy,
Access & Education Officer,
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,
Model Farm Rd.,
Tel. 021-4878206
Support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind / Specsavers Opticians

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