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Don't worry about it. No one on this or any other list has any right to 
judge.  All that said, I don't think anyone here would judge though.  We 
all have days when we seem to spend all our waking hours at boiling point. 

There are times they can drive you crazy and you feel like just picking 
them up and throwing them into their bed for the day because their just 
not doing what you want either out of stubbernness, uncertainty or as 
their just having a bad day.  I've never resorted to anything particularly 
crewel but I remember when I got this fella first there were days that I 
just felt that using the cane was so much less hastle as at the beginning, 
while he was getting use to me he was a very sensitive dog. 

Lighten up on your self.  No one expects you to get it right all the time. 
 Your going to have days when your more stressed and frustrated than 
others.  You'll just learn to deel with it. 

This fella frustrates the hell out of me some days.  HE insists that he 
doesn't want to walk in the rain so he pulls me into any shop door that's 
open.  I've no idea why.  he's just strange like that.  If walking in an 
uncrouded area he has no problem with it.  other days, he just constantly 
pulls left.  So much so that his tail hits off the wall!  It drives me 
crazy as I usually end up hitting every single over hanging tree on the 
I've realised though that if he's doing that he's most likely more 
sensitive than usual and me getting frustrated is going to make him worse. 
 Someone told me once that if their like that, taking their mind off it is 
the best way to do it.  Making the dog sit and lie down five times is 
simple but it really works for me.  Even if it's raining, sit, down, sit, 
up, sit, down, up sit, It feels like your going round in circles but after 
a few goes and he gets the reward for doing it right all thoughts of being 
over cautious go out the window and the tail starts to go ninety again.

Of course, your problem is different, but try to get to the route of it. 
understand that they respond to posative reencouragement, take a few 
moments to settle your self down and then sort the dog out.  It will make 
for a much better working relationship all round.

Of course, I'm just drawing from my experience here but this fella, 
although excelently behaved, is a right f**ker when he wants to be just 
like every single dog out there.

No one or their dog is perfect.  If we were, who would we complain about. 

Darragh Ó Héiligh 
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[IRLGuideDogs] Granger spending on walks again


Following my mail on this subject earlier in the week I have had a chat 
Neil and Jane  from IGDB.

I just wanted to state here publicly that my actions in correcting Granger
when he spent on the pavement during a walk were completely out of
proportion and in fact could have been detrimental to our working

I know now what I did was wrong and I would not encourage or condone such
actions from other GDOs.

I apologize to anybody on the list who might have been upset by my mail. I
can only say that my actions were out of character and resulted from a 
up of frustration on my part.

I hope that people won't think the worse of me for my actions and will
believe that in the future I'll try to behave in a more controlled manner.



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