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Hello Briedge, 

I hope all goes very well for you in Cork!

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Re: [IRLGuideDogs] Article

Hi Ed and All
I agree with you Ed. 
especially when you have to try and explain to the general Publick the 
difference between Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs. With Cork and Ken been 
involved in both it is important that we know what has been said in that 
The big news for me is that I am going to Cork on the 29th May to be 
trained with my new dog yipee  yipee.
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Hi Nicky I know you are right strictly, but probably most of us have a 
general interest indogs and dog training and might well share time and 
space with assistance dogs and their training whilst at the centre.   I 
don't know how anyone else feels and I'd bow to the wish of the majority.
If anyone has the article and would like to send it to me off list I would 
be grateful.
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Hi to all, while it is nice to receive articles on this list I just have 
to point out here that the article you refer to here Dominique would not 
really be an article for this list as its not Guidedog related.  I am a 
supporter of the great work being done to train the assistive dogs and 
hope it will continue but this list was set up for the purpose of 
discussing  Guide Dog related issues only.  Any articles in this regard 
are quite welcome on the list and indeed anyone that gets their hands on 
them are quite free to put them up on it. 
Regards, Nicky. 
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There was an interview with Ken Brydon today in the Evening Herald's Metro 
supplement.   It was a feature on Assistance Dogs.  Is there any chance 
that someone on the list has it and could post it on the list for those of 
us who are unable to read it.  Like myself.
All feedback appreciated.
I would like to read it, as I'm sure others would.
Any Newspaper Articles should be posted to the list for us all to read, if 
possible.  It makes a Vision impaired or Blind persons life easier if our 
screen readers can read it to us.
Dominique & Holly.
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