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  • From: Kerie Doyle <kerie.doyle1987@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 01:46:29 +0000

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> From: Kerie Doyle <keriedoyle1987@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 11 December 2010 15:04:23 GMT
> To: irlguidedogs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: an idea
> Hi everyone. 
> I'm hoping some of you will have some constructive input and advice to offer 
> after reading this. 
> I was partnered with my first dog in May of 2009, but unfortunately this 
> didn't work out. Now after some serious thinking, i decided i was ready again 
> to give it another shot, and i undertook a further assessment  last febuary. 
> The only way to describe how this went, is absolutely amazing. I walked with 
> two dogs, and it was like finding out why i wanted a dog all over again, and 
> then some. Now, to my present situation. I really do want another dog more 
> than anything, even though my cane skills are good and really feel i'm ready 
> for the highs and the lows, the ups and downs that go with it. My problem is 
> however, that i can't afford accomidation on my own, as in to rent an 
> apartment. This is, without a doubt, one of the key ingriedients to making 
> this final match attempt work. I don't have a rose tinted view, which is why 
> i feel it's more important than ever, that i give myself and the new dog, 
> every chance to succeed. 
> My question is, were any of you here ever faced with the situation i find 
> myself in or something similar? What did you do? 
> Responses appreciated, as i really feel other Guidedog owners are the only 
> ones with any authority to help me out on this one. I mean you can ask a 
> million sighted people and they will all give completely different answers, 
> and while i also know that no two answers here will be the same either, they 
> are coming from a place of experience, and that's why i thought of posting 
> here. 
> Really look forward to reading responses. 
> All the best 
> Kerie

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