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  • From: "Sabrina McKiernan" <sabmckiernan@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 13:42:11 -0000

Dear all,


Well here I am on 12 Dec writing this and if I knew how fantastic I'd be 
feeling about the cd I created with the help of a lot of people back in July 
when it all began I wouldn't have believed it.


When it all began Ella was still working for me, she guided us down to the 
studio every day (no she didn't want any I pod then! ... lol!

Singing those tracks with the headphones on oh wow what a feeling! But hearing 
it back it was amazing! And then hearing the instruments on the tracks a 
warmth/live  feeling was created which was exactly what I wanted!


In August a break from studio buzz happened as I went down to train with my 
third-guide-dog 'Vasil - vas for short. I feel so lucky and honoured to have 
been given such a fantastic combination to work with. He's a fantastic worker 
lovely dog. I love so many things about him. After Cork it was back to Cd land 
and team vas walked to the studio and back each day.  (Vas even wanted to do 
vocals on the tracks! (whata dog) ...

Then before we knew it the cd dedicated to my three life changing friends was 


On 19 November the launch took place in the fantastic Meadowlands hotel (what a 
crowd that turned up thanks to local publicity) What was very special for me 
was the support of local guide dog owner/user Liam Lynch, and the gang from 
Cork P.j, Ken, and Anne who also had with them two clients who were in the 
middle of their training with their new guide dogs! (I hope they are getting on 
really well) I am also so grateful for the phone calls and emails offering 
support and good wishes from Padraig, Kerry and Simon GDMI of 'team vas'

€653 was raised just on the launch night And I know that Cd sales are going so 
well! Stirling work is being done on the shop online on the web site and also 
on the ground with volunteers it is so hard in these times we are in and I 
thank them all so much.


It was all brought home to me last week when I heard the fantastic interview 
Padraig did on the Joe Duffy show there are people around the country who are 
waiting for the safety, independence, dignity and confidence a guide/assistance 
 dog brings.


I just want to thank those of you who have bought the Cd in support and thank 
so much for spreading the word (word-of-mouth is a powerful tool)


Joe Bollard thanks for the fun interview on 'audio view! You are mad as a 
hatter love it! ... and if there's cd number 2 ill be sure to include 'old 
shep'! whatever that song is! ... I haven't' a clue you know!


Stuart Lawler thanks for the interview on HKC trust you to come up with the 
hard questions! .... and on the day after the launch n all! ... lol


Jen and Oj thanks for letting us feature on your fantastic blog. (we want a 
blog now) ...


Tom O'Neill thanks for the interview you are a pet.


Well I think that's about it ...


So we'll keep on going! And I will be doing a Cork launch very soon.


Best wishes all,


Sabrina and Vas




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