[ipsl] directionality and incorporation

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  • Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 14:52:55 +0530

I picked up the discussion very hurriedly from SLLING-L about the
directionality debate, haven't gone through all the threads though ...
but I thought that an issue which arises from the question of
directionality in SL may have to do with incorporation of the
directionality component. E.g. Dan Slobin mentioned about head-marking
languages; many of the spoken languages of the sub-continent which are
head-marking languages, may obtain properties of incorporation in
general (e.g. Lalitha Ananda's recent M.Phil. dissertation from JNU
shows Sinhala verbs making almost the exact adverbial sequence as in
the Cinque hierarchy of adverbs, and the same results obtained in Hany
Babu's  work on Malayalam verb marking in the 90s), however, this has
not been well-studied within the relatively scanty literature on IPSL

There is also reason to believe that a "complex P" structure may be at
work. Here's one example from Bangla, an Indo-Aryan language spoken in
Bangladesh and the state of Bengal in India:
  ghor-er     bhetor-e
  room-GEN    inside-LOC
  'inside the room'
In other IA languages, 'inside' is used as a P (where the LOC Case
ending is not morphologically distinguishable) actually show agreement
with the N, implying a derivational connection between the 2 Ns and
the 2 Ps/ Cases. Such a derivational connection could be a case of
incorporation which seem to be more wide spread in IPSL and SL in
general. Or am I totally off the track?
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